About Andrew McMillen

I read. I write. I observe. I think. I listen. I play. I share. I tweet.

My interests include music, marketing, social media and the web.

I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been a person for 20 years.

I write for Rave Magazine, FasterLouder.com.au and FourThousand. You can browse my music writing at my Last.FM journal.

You can Google me. I’ve been using the pseudonym NiteShok since 2000.

Thanks for visiting. Email me if you want to.



  1. saint.id.au said,

    Database? Are you thinking of making a CMS site?

  2. Ed Brenegar said,

    Thanks for including me in your blog roll.
    I’ve added you to mine.

  3. rachel surgeoner said,

    Hey Andrew,

    Came across your blog and noticed your interest in Penny Modra and the Thousands. Have you ever considered contributing to FourThousand?

    Please let me know if you’re interested…


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