December 2, 2008

Speak N Spell Music’s Customer Service Sucks

Posted in Music tagged , , , at 10:23 pm by Andrew McMillen

There’s a band called The Zillions, who’re led by ex-Sidewinder frontman Nick Craft.

I’ve read some good things about their music, so I want to buy their album. 

I looked at JB Hi Fi Online and found that I could order it for $19.99. But since they’re a small band on an independent label named Speak N Spell Music, I thought I’d try buying it directly.

I browsed to the label’s online store and found that the only Zillions release listed was an EP.

Frustrated, but still intent on purchasing directly from the label, I sent this email to the contact address nominated in the page header:


Here’s the deal: I want to buy the Zillions album online and I’d rather purchase from you guys than JB Hi Fi. 

The album is not listed for sale in the store (

How quickly can you make this happen? I can pay for the album via credit card, PayPal or direct deposit and would like to have it in my possession this week.

I’m in Brisbane.



It’s been two full business days since I sent that email on November 30. I’m yet to receive a response.

So, why is this a big deal?

  1. I went out of my way to buy directly from the label, not a franchised record store
  2. The label hasn’t updated their web store with an album that’s been available for almost a month
  3. The label is unresponsive to a direct sales enquiry
  4. The label is not satisfying a potential customer
  5. The potential customer is now sharing his negative sales experience with the world

There’s a disconnect within Speak N Spell Music’s organisational structure. Nobody is responding to their primary online sales point of contact.

A shame, because I’d really like to hear that album.